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TripIt helps employees travel smarter by organizing their travel plans no matter where they booked. With TripIt for Google Apps, there are many things employees can do to improve their travel...

·         Use TripIt to organize and share their travel

·         View travel plans using gadgets and mobile phones

·         See who's traveling where on a company travel map

When installing TripIt for Google Apps, administrators can create their company group and automatically notify employees in their domain. Only employees with valid email addresses can join their company’s group.

To use TripIt, travelers just forward their booking confirmation emails to, and automatically get an incredibly useful itinerary for their trip. TripIt supports over 1,000 different travel booking sites, including corporate booking tools and corporate travel agencies. TripIt itineraries can be quickly customized to include weather, maps, directions, meetings and more. Travelers can download free TripIt mobile apps for Android, iPhone or BlackBerry, and have all their travel plans on their mobile phone when they travel.

With Tripit, it’s easy for employees to share travel plans with travel arrangers, colleagues and family. Travelers can also collaborate on shared itineraries.

TripIt is integrated with LinkedIn and Facebook, so travelers can see when their plans overlap with colleagues and friends in their networks.

The TripIt Groups feature helps business travelers get more out of their trips, and companies get more out of their travel programs. Business travelers who join their company’s group automatically see where and when their co-workers are traveling. TripIt knows everyone’s daily travel plans, so it’s easy to see who’s going to be in the same city on the same day and coordinate travel plans or schedule meetings and events.

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