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Dimple Grover

Name : Ms. Dimple Grover

Qualifications : Ph.D-IIT Delhi (Submission stage), M.Phil

Work Experience : 12 years

Dimple Grover has rich experience in academics and industry. An avid researcher and currently accomplishing her PhD from IIT Delhi, she has presented various research paper at National and International Conferences. She has also been to University of Bradford (U.K) and McMaster University (Canada) for teaching and research.


International Journal  :

  1. Grover, D., Khurana, A., and Shankar, R., Regulatory Norms of Corporate Governance in India, UNPAN, Asia, Pacific, 2008.
  2. Grover, D. , Khurana, A., and Shankar, R., An Interpretive Structural Model of Corporate Governance, Journal of Business and Ethics, vol. 3, pp 446 - 460, 2007.

International Conference:

  1. Grover. D., “Knowledge Management–HR Perspective” International Conference by Asian HRD NETWORK, Korea, published in the proceedings, 2004.

National Journal:

  1. Grover, D., “Expanding the value horizon: HR: An Enabler to Corporate Governance”, Vigna Jyothi Journal of Management, vol.1, pp 55-63, 2009.

National Conference:

  1. Grover. D., Khurana, A., and Shankar, R., “Building World Class Organization through Good Governance–A case study” on India’s leading Public Sector, AIB Conference, IILM, Delhi proceedings in CD, 2006.
  2. Grover. D., Corporate Governance and Decision Making – Strategy Summit, ICFAI Kolkatta, 2005.


Books / Chapters / Case / Others:

  1. Grover. D., Business Imperatives of HR Governance - Chapter in book published on future research orientations in the field of Human Resources, IILM, New Delhi, December, 2006