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Dr. Hima Gupta

Name : Dr. Hima Gupta

Qualifications : Ph.D. (Management), PGDBM (IMT), B.Tech. (GCIT)

Work Experience : 18 yrs.

Research Interests : Operations Management, Supply Chain, Operations Research and TQM.

Dr. Hima has worked with LNJ Bhilwara Group & Bakshi Group of Companies for 5 yrs. and has been teaching for last 8 years as Faculty in reputed Business Schools. She also worked as Project Officer with NITRA and ATIRA at Ahmedabad for 5 years. She has published several research papers in National & International journals.




International Journal:

  1. Gupta Hima, “Role of Insurance Industries in Health Care Management” International journal of Health Care & Quality Assurance, Leeds University, U.K. Vol 21.1, October 2007.

International Conference:

  1. Gupta Hima, “Foreign direct Investment in Insurance Sector”, IBS Ahmedabad
  2. International Conference(IAICM-2007), published in Conference Proceedings, January 2007.

   International Journal:

  1. Gupta Hima, “Industrial Insurance – Issues and Concerns”, Insurance Chronicle (Magazine of ICFAI University Press), February 2005.
  2. Gupta Hima, Gupta Sudhir and Agarwal Naresh, “Growth of Life Insurance Sector”, Insurance Chronicle (Magazine of ICFAI University Press), May 2004.
  3. Gupta Hima, Satsangi S. S, “Knitted Industrial Textiles – Tarpaulin (II)”, Asian Textile Journal, November 1995.

 National Conference:

  1. Gupta Hima, “Emergence of Manufacturing Hubs in India”, ITS Ghaziabad organized National Conference on India’s Emergence as a Global Hub: The March Ahead, at ‘India Habitat Centre’, Lodhi Road, New Delhi, March 2007.
  2. Gupta Hima, “Web Enabled B2b Supply Chain Management: A Competitive Edge For New Era”, National Conference 2006 On Management Innovations For Growth, Ahmedabad, 25 – 26 February 2006.
  3. Kansal Hima, Grover J. M., “Some Observations on Mechanical Damage to polyester Viscose Fibres during Spinning”, 32nd Joint Tech. Conference, ATIRA Ahmedabad, January 1995.
  4. Kansal Hima, Satsangi S. S, “Knitted Industrial Textiles – Tarpaulin (I)”, 36th Joint Tech. Conference SITRA March 1995.
  5. Kansal Hima, Satsangi S. S & Banerjee P. K (IIT Delhi), “Development of Knitted Filter Bags for Industrial Dust Filtration Applications”, 35th Joint Tech. Conference, IIT Delhi, February 1994.