Q1. Is the MBA program approved by AICTE?
A1: Not required, as it is a part of JIIT University . As a Deemed University , JIIT is fully authorized to start a new management program.

Q2. Is JIIT approved by UGC?
A2: Yes, JIIT is a Deemed university recognized by the UGC and is also featured in the UGC website.

Q3. How different is JBS from most B-schools?
A3: There are about 1500 business schools in India but only few make it to the Top. JBS is significantly different from most in several ways.  It is a Sectoral MBA catering to the niche and sunrise areas of service and relationship businesses. With hard work and consistently great performance, JBS has been ranked among top 100 business schools by DALAL STREET journal. For more information click here

Q4. Is JBS having an independent Infrastructure?
A4: JBS is a part of JIITU and therefore has access to JIITU resources but also has a building of its own .

Q5. Who are the faculty members ?
A5: JBS faculty is a community of core, visiting and adjunct faculty members who are highly accomplished in their field, younger in outlook, passion for teaching, exciting and familiar with the philosophy of service management and relationship technology. Only after referrals and quality check of their background and qualifications, they are assigned to teach courses. We have also involved faculty from premier management schools like IIMs and XLRI and several industry professionals. Quality recruitment and induction is the key to JBS faculty.

Q6. What is the duration of the MBA?
A6.  Six trimester of 10 -12 weeks in two years.

Q7: Will our placement be as good as or better than other B- Schools?
A7: Yes most likely. Due to our programming, specialization in the growing service and relationship industry, the rising recruitment in service industry, triple specialization, social and corporate internships, distinctive course structure, more effective placement activities and of course, the growing brand equity of Jaypee Group and JIIT.

Q8. What may be the package at the time of placement?
A8: It will be Industry competitive, subject to your performance, attitude and cooperation. But comparable to top Business Schools.

Q9.Do students go out for management internships?
A9: JBS schedules two internships for the Two year Full Time MBA Program as an opportunity in business leadership and social orientation. The first is a 8-10 weeks corporate internship in the summer scheduled after the third term of the first year of the program. The other internship is 3 weeks long social internship during the Program.
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