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Student Exchange Programme

JBS's second Exchange Program with the students of University of Massachusetts, U.S.A
(10 JANUARY, 08 to 21 JANUARY, 08)

Jaypee Business School welcomed 12 MBA Students & one faculty of University of Massachusetts., Boston. The students from variegated age groups, disciplines, professional backgrounds and countries of origin have made the ambience at JBS more vibrant and full of energy. It is the second visit of delegates from Massachusetts University in short time gap and is a tribute to the strength of our Organization and also an opportunity for faculty and students to share their ideas, research and passion.
A one day seminar on "The Emerging Management Rainbow" for the delegation of University of Massachusetts was hosted., Boston. We were delighted to listen to Prof Dr. Arindam Bandhupadhya, Chairman of Accounting & Finanace, Director of Financial Service Forum in of University of Massachusetts.
During their stay at JBS, besides attending the classes, they have also visited Ernst & Young, Dell, Wipro, Tech Mahindra and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)..
Students of Massachusetts openly expressed their excitement for their visit to India and felt extremely touched by the hospitality they received and presented a plaque appreciating the hospitality shown by JBS.

Marquette University, U.S.A visits JBS
(8th January, 2008)

Jaypee Business School hosted a welcome session for its guests from Marquette University, U.S.A. Marquette is a Catholic, Jesuit University dedicated to serving God by serving its students and contributing to the advancement of knowledge. A 8 member team of Marquette University visited JBS. The team was led by Prof. Monica Adya.
Prof. Monica Adya and the students of Marquette University expressed their delight in the interaction. She said this was the first exchange program for Marquette. She also talked at length about Marquette University. The school offers specialized courses from intense undergraduate studies to specialized graduate and professional programs.
The delegation departed with greater knowledge of the India and its systems and promised to return as part of an exchange programme.

JBS's very first Exchange Program with the students of University of Massachusetts, U.S.A
(21st JULY, 07 to 3rd AUGUST, 07)

Jaypee Business School hosted few students from the University of Massachusetts. The students from variegated age groups, disciplines, professional backgrounds and countries of origin have made the ambience at JBS more vibrant and full of energy. We JBSians were delighted to have a crowd of such friendly and jovial people staying on our campus and attending classes along with us.
The exchange program started with the specially organized classes held under the supervision of Professor William Koehler, an eminent subject expert. The students of JBS have been encouraged to attend classes with these students. They have enjoyed the lectures given by the JBS faculty as much as the specially organized Delhi tour. Our respected Director has encouraged both the JBSians and the foreign students to work together on a project on retail marketing in India and its implications.
It was a pleasure to have these foreign students amongst us, who enjoyed every moment of their stay in India, interacting with the vast crowd of JBS and savoring the spicy yet delectable Indian culinary delights.

A few words from our foreign friends…..

As a guest at JBS I cannot be more pleased with the warm welcome I have received. The students and faculty have opened themselves to us and made us feel at home here. The special guest lecture combined with the JBS curriculum has made our learning experience very rich. In addition the wonderful facilities have allowed us to spend the time with our new friends sharing music, culture and playing various sports together.
I will never forget my wonderful experience here and welcome you all to Boston any time.

John Studer
University of Massachusetts

My experience at JBS has been one of the great wealth in terms of knowledge I have gained the friends, contacts and experiences I have encountered to which I will never and can ever measure and forget. What JBS has given me is the ability to learn, be accepting and dedicated to myself others and the world.
Thank you for such an eternal experience of a lifetime and my friends and memories I will have forever.

Michele N Karas

As a guest of JBS as an exchange student from the university of Massachusetts at Boston , USA , I found the facilities comfortable with all the technological abilities necessary to facilitated higher learning. The student at JBS are enthusiastic, inquisitive, respectful and most welcoming .The faculty and administrative personnel and professional and accessible.

Peter Underhill

I found the campus at JIIT and the students at JBS to be quite inclusive and modern.  The students and the faculty were more than hospitable and, I would encourage foreign students from abroad to visit their campus. I believe that it is one of the only MBA programs in India to mix the American style progressive education with the Indian work ethics, creating a powerful advantage over other Universities. I am glad I had the opportunity to experience such an environment.

Robert Schultz


As an exchange student from UMASS, Boston, I find the JBS friends and faculty very accommodating, open and helpful. The campus is very convenient to students’ life. It has been a fantastic experience.

Val Sender


Farewell to UMASS Students

3rd August,2007 turned out to be a memorable day for the JBS family when the students from the University of Massachusetts were given a grand farewell on the successful completion of the exchange program.

The most exuberating part of the day turned out to be the cultural evening when the students of both the universities performed brilliantly. The performances including dance sequences by JBSians and poetry recitation by the foreign students captivated everyone and left the audience spellbound.