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Dual Degree in Management is a five year degree program which extends the current four year B.Tech program of the JIIT by one more year and makes it a five year Dual Degree program with B.Tech and MBA from Jaypee Business School.

The Dual Degree in Management Program, combines two full time Degrees (Management and B.Tech) integrating courses worth 200 credit hours of B.Tech and courses worth 120 hours of Master in Business Administration. DDM saves one year for the program participants.

DDM students are offered 2 “Management” courses per semester during the 2nd to 8th semester of the B.Tech. program and thereafter they join the regular 2nd year MBA students in the fifth year of the DDM program. In the fifth year DDM students are given the choice of electives along with the regular MBA students. These electives are offered both in Functional as well as sectoral areas. The functional electives are in Finance, Marketing and Advertising Strategy, HR, Operations and Logistics management. The sectoral electives are in Financial services, Retailing, Healthcare, Infrastructure Management, Information Systems Management.

This Program is an intelligent choice for following reasons
  • Get two degree instead of one at the same price. One for B.Tech from JIIT and another for MBA from JBS as a constituent of the JIIT University but both the degrees are awarded on successful completion of the DDM Program in the fifth year only.
  • Save one year.
  • Get Three Internships instead of the usual one.
  • Assured placement services – comparable to the best business schools in the region.